Project Management

Customer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, COMAC, SAMC (Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing), Premium Aerotec


Location: Nagoya, Hiroshima (Japan), Shanghai, Changzhou, Xi’an (China), Wiefelstede, Nordenham, Augsburg, Stade (Germany)

Project leadership during design phase from kick-off until final design for the MRJ program in Nagoya and the Boeing 777X program in Hiroshioma.

Focal point of contact between the Japanese trade organization and the customer.

Consultation and overall project management during negotiation, project setup and implementation of a multi-million project in the Chinese aviation industry wihin the newly founded C919 program in Shanghai and Xi’an.

Business Development Support from design to commission of „local content“ package in Shanghai and Changzhou as well as selection and evaluation of chinese suppliers.

Manufacturing of manual stations for C919 program.

Planning of large-scale projects and turnkey projects in the aviation industry.
Keeping the contracted schedule for the assembly of production facilities for aircraft fuselage A350 panels in Nordenham, Stade and Augsburg.